Decisions in Disability-Based Cases

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Case Name Type of Charge Issue(s)
Livia G. Almeida vs. AM Donuts, Inc. d/b/a Dunkin' Donuts and Vanessa Silva Employment Terms and Conditions, Reasonable Accommodation, Termination, Disparate Treatment
Patrick Banyaniye vs. Mi Sueno, Inc. and Jesus M. Titin

Public Accommodations,
Equal Rights of Blind and Deaf Persons to Public Facilities, Civil Rights of People With Disbailities Act

Disparatre Treatment, Discriminatory Terms and Conditions. Failure to Accommodate, Damages
Thai-Ping Mays vs. JDTK Food Services LLC and Dennis Rochon Employment Termination, Disparate Treatment, Reasonable Accommodation, Damages
Paul J. Medeiros vs. R & D Roofing, Inc and Roger Pratas Employment Disparate Treatment, Termination, Damages
Anthony Selvidio vs. TGI Fridays (Carlson Restaurants Worldwide) Employment Disparatre Treatment, Reasoable Accommodation Terms and Conditions, Termination
Tracy L. Stewart vs. T & T Donuts, Inc. and Izilda Teves Employment Constructive Discharge, Harassment,